St Johns Park High School
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Student Wellbeing

St Johns Park High School has a strong base for positive student wellbeing. We pride ourselves on supporting the intellectual, emotional, physical, psychological and social wellbeing of our students. Every member of the teaching, support and administrative staff has the student's wellbeing as the primary aim of their interactions with them, whether it is in the classroom, playground, or sporting field.
We have a highly successful Welfare Team of Year Advisers who works specifically and tirelessly with their year cohort of students. The aim of the Welfare Team is to ensure that the students at St Johns Park have the best opportunities to find individual success and achieve their best possible outcomes in a broad range of experiences. They are supported to develop as individuals who are resilient, inquisitive and critical thinkers who will develop into successful and productive adults in our society.

Our students experience a broad range of opportunities to explore a variety of student related programs which discuss bullying, cyber-bullying, resilience, relationships and positive mental health which are presented in innovative ways through age specific workshops. Our students also have a range of opportunities to explore their leadership potential and global citizenship.

Students from St Johns Park High School benefit from additional support from School Counsellors; outside agencies offering Social Workers who work within, and outside the school; an Art Therapist; a Speech Pathologist; Occupational Therapist; and itinerant Optometrist. Agencies from within the Fairfield and Liverpool Local Government Areas, and the local Police Area Command, are enthusiastically welcomed into the school to work on positive initiatives with our students, and we actively support their community Youth initiatives.