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Know First Yourself

Post School Options

Australian Qualifications Framework

Explains the range of qualifications you can get in Australia.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

Lists the Australian Apprenticeships Centre in your region.

Group Training Companies provide apprenticeship employment opportunities.

NSW State Training Services Centre 13 28 11.

Apprenticeship and Traineeship courses at TAFE. TAFE NSW Information Centre 131 601.

Career Research and Job Seeking

Search jobs, education and training options and more around Australia.

Explore career options, plan career pathways and manage work transitions.

Research jobs, growth areas, tips and advice on finding work.

Resources for students, teachers, parents, carers, family and community to help with young people's career questions.

Information about employment trends and prospects, and links to information on industry employment, careers, skill needs and training options across Australia.

Commercial job vacancy websites

Find job advertisements, resume and job seeking advice.


  Government websites

Government financial assistance for jobseekers.

Job Services Australia is the government's employment and recruitment organisation.

One portal for all government information and services.

Portal for NSW young people and youth workers.


 Job Placement and Training Services

Find out if you are eligible for additional services and assistance, and register to be eligible for various government programs.

Combine seasonal harvest work with travelling around Australia.

Find jackaroo, jillaroo or seasonal harvest work in rural Australia.

A service provider offering Green corps training in NSW.

A service provider offering Green corps training in NSW.

Australian Defence Force jobs and training.

NSW Department of Education and Training

Research all matters concerning the NSW Department of Education and Training.

Private education and training providers

Australian Council for Private Education and Training.

Start a business

Helpful information on running a business.

Build enterprise skills and develop innovative ideas.


 Tips and advice for school leavers

Tips and advice for school leavers.

Online magazine for school leavers.


Commonwealth and Institution Equity Scholarships.

Find a range of scholarships available for all students.


Technical and Further Education TAFE NSW .

Distance education through TAFE NSW Open Training and Education Network OTEN.


Travel advisories from the Australian government.

Careers and travel advice for people with disabilities.

Links to overseas work programs.


Universities Admissions Centre.

Extensive government site includes higher education providers across Australia, fees, loans, scholarships and course search.

University study through distance education (Open Learning Australia).

Course searches, information and rankings for universities in Australia.

Volunteer Work

Work overseas or with indigenous Australians in rural areas.

Young people - support

Youth Connections program for young people at risk ages 11 to 19.

Directory of sites and services for young people.

Reach Out - for people aged 15 - 25 with mental health concerns or going through tough times.