St Johns Park High School
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Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) structure at St Johns Park High is unique in that it encourages student participation in many levels of leadership.

Level S is our entry level where all students begin, sign up and assist in various activities.

Level R is achieved by actively participating in many aspects of school life, attending committee meetings and taking on greater responsibility.

Level C is the next stage where students show commitment to all areas of the SRC and are a committed and competent leader.

The SRC is lead by our 4 school captains/vice captains who work together with the School Prefects to meet the needs of all students at St Johns Park High School in a respectful and positive manner.

The SRC aims to:

  • provide a forum for student opinion
  • promote leadership and teamwork
  • represent students in a positive and assertive manner
  • promote improvements within the school
  • promote school spirit
  • develop positive relationships between students, staff and the community

The SRC has 3 committees: SCHOOL, PROMOTIONS & EVENTS which meet every Tuesday at lunch time in Art 1. Students can join the SRC at any point in their school career and are encouraged to contribute to all areas of their school life.

Please check our noticeboard regularly, speak to one of our captains or see Mrs Kluver in PDHPE fro further details.


SRC 2015

Year 8

Simon Hua
Sydney Nguyen
Tommy Huynh
Vivienne Le
Han Nguyen

Year 9

Jeeva Tan 
Michelle Huang
Kevin Hua
Nathan Le
Elissa Vy
Sophia Tran

Year 10

Frank Huang
Annie Alverez Garcia
Jessica Brunetto
Kritika Naiker
Mathew Sammut

Year 11

Amanda Lim
Chantel Lai
Somar Oshana
Sivy Te
Alicia Chung
Allison Hang
Leanne Trinh
Anna Lam
Suling Neav

Year 12

Jovana Anic
Petar Kupresanin
Natalie Chokbengboun
Chelsea Ratsabouth (C)
Adam Baverstock (C)
Bailey Funoia
William Nguyen (VC)
Sophia Lim (VC)
Krissy Kau
Louise Polese