St Johns Park High School
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School Bus

St Johns Park High School is fortunate to own a Toyota Coaster 22 seat bus which is able to be used to enhance the educational programs offered by the school. The use of the school bus is subject to Roads and Maritime Services regulations, comprehensive vehicle insurance restrictions as well as the school’s administrative policies and procedures.

The school bus is only able to be used by appropriately licensed staff of the school and students for the school’s educational programs. 

There are charges levied on all activities which make use of the school bus. These charges are designed to partially offset the costs to the school associated with owning, operating and maintaining a school bus, and also to encourage all users of the vehicle to value such a school resource and to use it responsibly. 

The current cost of using the school bus is $2.00 per student plus 50 cents per kilometre for the distance travelled (shared by the students involved).