St Johns Park High School
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Coding Club

St Johns Park High School offers an after school Coding Club for its students. The Coding Club program offers students an opportunity to learn to code and program robots in addition to those curriculum courses that teach programming. (Stage 4 Technology, Stage 5 Information and Software Technology, Stage 6 Software Design and Development or Information Processes and Technology). Students will learn the basics of Scratch, mBlock, HTML and CSS, and then be able to further their skills to create apps and websites.


The Coding Club operates in the St Johns Park High Library and is open Thursday afternoons between 3pm - 5pm; all students will be provided with a light refreshment at the start of each session.

  • Term 1: Week 2-9
  • Term 2: Week 2-9
  • Term 3: Week 2-9
  • Term 4: Week 2-6