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Accelerated Mathematics

At St Johns Park high school we work in accordance with the departmental policy of identifying and nurturing gifted and talented students who possess superior intellectual abilities and has potential for outstanding achievements. These students need differentiated educational opportunity if they are to realise their unique potential.

The Acceleration Program in Mathematics is for students that are Gifted and Talented in Mathematics. The program is a commitment from Year 9 to Year 12. Students will complete the School Certificate, Preliminary Higher School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate in Mathematics under a modified time frame. 
Year 9 students will work to complete the course of study that satisfies the Board’s curriculum and assessment requirements for the RoSA by the end of Year 9.

In Year 10 students will commence the Preliminary Higher School Certificate in Mathematics and Extension 1. This will be completed by the conclusion of Term 3, Year 10. The Higher School Certificate course will commence in Term 4.

In Year 11, students will complete the remainder of the Higher School Certificate Course and sit the HSC exam in October as well as explore the Option to commence Extension 2 Mathematics.

The benefits of this program include;

Giving students an opportunity to indulge their passion for mathematics.
Early completion of the Mathematics program for School Certificate and Higher School Certificate credentials.
Greater flexibility in Year 12 for students to devote time to other HSC subjects.

Participation in the program is by invitation only.  A separate application must be completed and handed to the Head Teacher of Mathematics. An enrolment panel reviews all applications.

Current Accelerated Classes

Year 9 Complete Year 9 & 10
Year 10 Complete Year 11-Preliminary
Year 11 Complete Year 12-HSC