St Johns Park High School
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Parental Involvement

St Johns Park High School welcomes the interest and involvement of all parents/ guardians of its students.

Parents' & Community Forums

At St Johns Park high School the Parents & Community Forums meeting is held in week 4 of each term on a Monday from 9am. Each meeting deals quickly with items of general business and a report from the Principal. This is followed by a significant presentation about some aspect of school organisation or program.

Parent/ Teacher Nights

Towards the end of Term 2 a parent teacher evening is held in the MPC. The evening provides an opportunity to discuss the progress of your child with classroom teachers. Student reports will be handed out on the night.

Information Evenings

Throughout the year, information evenings are held for Year 10 Subject Selection and National Testing results. These evenings are an important way to communicate vital information.

Performance Nights

Performance nights are held for Senior Drama and Music students to showcase their talents. All students and their parents are invited to attend and witness these outstanding items.

Saints News

A newsletter is published each term which highlights activities, achievements, upcoming events and provides infromation.


Reports are issued twice a year. A report from each faculty area that has been taught that semester will be included. Reports are collected on Parent/ Teacher evening where staff are happy to discuss the report with you.