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St Johns Park High School library staff prides itself on providing a harmonious, safe and welcoming environment. It aims to produce informed, inquiring, confident and caring individuals able to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Within the library quality teaching and learning continues to be the main focus through ongoing curriculum development, ongoing professional development and ongoing evaluation, whilst liaising with both teachers and students so to provide them with up to date quality resources.
It is essential to develop within the student body an attitude of not being satisfied with the status quo, but rather to develop an inquiring mind and to act as a positive agent of change.


• provide a pleasant, friendly and dynamic learning environment for students and staff, promoting co-operation and respect for others.
• support the varied curriculum offered through an extensive, up-to-date collection of books, on-line and resources.
• integrate information skills into the curriculum by provision of cooperatively planned lessons, online pathfinders, bibliographies and personal assistance.
• encourage students to become skilled, discriminating and responsible users of online resources.
• promote reading for enjoyment as well as lifelong learning, offering a wide choice of current young adult fiction and recreational reading
• To continue to improve students information literacy skills
In addition the library provides:
• networked internet terminals available for school research
• colour and black and white photocopying for students
• a diverse range of fiction and nonfiction books.
• a variety of magazines to support the curriculum and HSC support materials.



Mondays- Fridays: 7.30am to 3.00pm
The Homework Centre operates in the Library from 3pm to 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays during specific weeks of each term as announced at the beginning of each school term. Attendance is voluntary and the centre is usually staffed by 2 specialist subject teachers who are there to assist students with their homework and assignments.


Students may borrow both fiction and nonfiction for up to a period of 2 weeks. In Year 7, students may borrow 4 fiction and 4 nonfiction; Year 8, students may borrow 5 fiction and 5 nonfiction; Year 9 students may borrow 6 fiction and 6 nonfiction; Year 10 students may borrow 7 fiction and 7 nonfiction And Senior Years may borrow 9 fiction and 9 nonfiction.



The Library has a colour/black & white printer/photocopier. The Library staff will print assignments for students before school, at recess and lunchtimes. Charges vary from 10 cents to one dollar per A4 page depending on whether the printing is black & white or colour. If needed students can print A3 in colour at a cost for two dollars.


Students are regularly reminded if they have an overdue book. If a student has an overdue book, then they are not permitted to borrow any other books until they return their overdue book. If a student/staff member loses a book then they must pay the full replacement cost.



The Library has 2 computers labs that the staff and students can utilise other than the 4 catalogue enquiry terminals. A booking scheme operates for the use of these computers. The best time to book these computers is first thing in the morning as they are always in heavy demand.


There is a room downstairs which has been converted into a senior study area which provides a quiet and positive learning space specifically to cater for the demands of Stage 6 students This room has up to date information relevant to students in Years 11 and 12. Students may utilise this space once they have signed in at the front counter during their study periods.


Students can apply to be a Library Representative to assist the library staff, before school and Break 1 or 2. This enables students to develop teamwork skills, take on additional responsibilities in the school community and provide assistance to their peers. Applications are available from the Library Staff.


Each student is issued with an I.D. Card usually at the beginning of the school year. Students must carry their I.D. Cards on them at all times as they are used as a method of identification within the school. They are also required when a student signs into the school if they are late, to borrow library books, and can add money on their I.D Card for photocopying .Replacement I.D. Cards are issued by the Front Office for a fee of $2.