St Johns Park High School
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Know First Yourself

Principal's Message

St Johns Park High is a large co-educational school in south western Sydney providing a comprehensive education for an area which is rich in a diverse range of cultures.Founded in 1978, the school is modern and attractive in both layout and construction. The school has a tremendous reputation in the district, developed over many years of providing an outstanding level of educational services.


Particular emphasis and pride has been taken in the development of the physical school environment with well cared for and manicured gardens and playground facilities.

The school has an innovative formal curriculum which offers a wide range of subjects and courses up to Higher School Certificate level.

There is an appropriate mixture of youth and experience on the teaching staff, which is well-supported by specialist resource teachers and school administrative support staff.

The non-academic talents of our students are developed through a varied program of stimulating and interest based activities. These include a comprehensive sports program, a variety of performing arts activities including choir and dance group, a regular newsletter, public speaking groups, an active student representative council, gifted and talented program.

Our comprehensive welfare and discipline programs ensure a well disciplined student body resulting in a harmonious school environment.

86% of our students are from language backgrounds other than English. Our students originate from more than fifty different countries and contribute to a very rich cultural mix. We are all proud to be Australians and this is celebrated at every opportunity.

We provide quality teaching and learning experiences so that all students will reach their full potential irrespective of their level of ability. Our goal at St Johns Park High School is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and experiences that will enable them to become effective and committed citizens of Australia.

As St Johns Park High School we pay particular attention to our school motto: “Know First Yourself” and our positive behaviours theme of “Safe Respectful Learners”.

We believe that “Know First Yourself” is a way of expressing the intention of the school to develop the personal qualities, capabilities and character of each of our students, while “Safe Respectful Learners” is really about how our students relate to each other, their teachers, families and the community.

During High School, our students

·   Adjust to some profound changes: physical, emotional and intellectual

·   Grow towards independence

·   Gain experience in decision making, and in accepting responsibility for these decisions

·   Develop a positive self confidence through achieving success in significant events

·   Progressively develop a sense of personal and social values

·   Establish their own sexual identity

·   Experience social acceptance, and gain affection and support among peers of the same and the opposite sex

·   Think in ways that become progressively more abstract and reflective

·   Become more aware of the social and political world about them, and gain skills coping and interacting with that world

·   Establish or maintain relationships with particular adults, who can provide advice and act as role models

We aim to provide an environment where excellence is encouraged, where students are challenged in their learning and develop capabilities that will support them in a knowledge economy. We actively seek to do this in an environment that ensures and respects the safety of all.


Sue French