St Johns Park High School
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School Portals

Our School Portals are another way the St Johns Park community can communicate.

The Parent Portal allows our parents to discreetly access school information about their children as well as a range of information and reports so that they can remain fully informed about our school.

Parents are also able to access our special education pricing for iPads (our preferred BYOD) and other Apple products with free delivery, through a link to Apple Store Penrith in this portal.

Our Student Portal provides our students with school information, their timetable and a range of other tools including a place to develop their own electronic profile.

Moodle gives staff and students a way of sharing course content, resources and activities, for some courses, with students when they are at home.

School Surveys are a way our school can receive feedback from our students, parents and our community. Surveys may be conducted for a variety of reasons and times throughout the school year.