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Human Society and Its Environment & Languages


The HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment ) & Languages faculty aims to provide the students in our care with a progressive education that prepares them for active citizenship in a changing world. While we encourage an appreciation of human society and its environment and appreciation of foreign languages through the teaching and learning within the faculty, our focus is always on the education of students through our subject areas.

 The study of both History and Geography develops a life long love of both subjects so that students can leave school and continue their interest in these subjects through further study and travel. Many of the senior subjects offered by HSIE also prepare students for their future careers and endeavours.

 The study of languages gives every child a positive experience in learning a foreign language and enriches their lives by understanding and appreciating other cultures. The study of a language gives students the ability to reflect on their own culture/s  and the ability to use foreign languages to communicate with others by exchanging information, opinions and experiences. Students will also have the potential to apply their foreign language to work, further styudy, training or leisure.


There is a wide range of HSIE subjects offered at St Johns Park High School in both the junior and senior school.

Junior subjects:

Geography Years 7-10
History Years 7-10
Commerce Years 9 & 10

Senior subjects:

Ancient History
Business Studies
Extension History (Year 12)
Legal Studies
Modern History
Society and Culture
Studies of Religion I
Business Services (VET)
Retail Services (VET)


Learning a language is manadatory for all year 7 students. There are two languages offered at present at St Johns Park High School. These are; Italian and Japanese.
Junior subjects.
Italian Years 7, 9 and 10
Italian for Travel Year 8
Japanese Years 7, 9 and 10
Japanese for Travel Year 8
Senior subjests
Italian Beginners and Continuers
japanese Beginners and Continuers

School Involvement:

  • Year 9 Commerce and Year 10 Ex10sion Market Day
  • Money Stuff Competition - Years 9 & 10 Commerce
  • ASX Stockmarket Competition
  • World Skills Competition - Retail Services
  • Year 7 Blue Mountains Excursion
  • Bargain Buyers Excursion

    Special Events:

    • Pizza making and gelato tasting - Italian
    • Making Sushi - Japanese
    • Temple Excursion - Japanese

Special Events:

The faculty sees as a highlight of the Year the annual Anzac Day ceremony. Our year 10 students participate in the NSW History Competition. We organise a variety of excursions to enhance student knowledge and understanding. 


A number of interesting excursions were organised. Yr 11 and 12 Ancient History students went to Melbourne to experience the Pompeii Exhibition and tour a number of museum sites.

Year 11 Modern History went to Canberra for an in-depth study of the National War Museum galleries.

Year 8 were involved in a Medieval Day where they could dress as knights, watch mock battles, participate in archery and watch an actual joust.

Year 7 enjoyed watching Mysteries of Egypt at the Imax theatre and then attending either the Crime and Punishment Museum or the Museum of Sydney.

Our students performed admirably in the NSW History Competition. We received 2 High Distinctions, 19 Distinctions, 15 Credits and 127 participation awards.

In the HSC students were awarded band 6 in Modern History and Extension History.