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The Careers Department is available for all students to access. The Career's Advisor has information for students that will assist with exploring future options and creating future pathways for when students leave school. All students are encouraged to use the resources in the Careers Office to increase knowledge of pathways into employment or further education.
Our Career and Transition Advisors provide a service to students who have been identified needing extra support transitioning from Year 10 to Senior school. The Transition Program provides one on one support to strengthen their study skills and engagement in their learning, improve attendance patterns and enable them to fulfil their true potential. The Transition Advisors work in partnership with the student, their family and the Deputy of the Year group.


The Careers Advisor provides:
• Career counselling- including identification of skills, areas of work interest and requirements for those pathways
• Advice and counselling about subject selection for Year 10 students moving into 11 to align with possible work or education interests
• Opportunity to develop employability skills and career planning experiences through outside agencies, such as the Youth Enrichment Program ( focus Year 10 students- TAFE component, authentic workplace learning, developing life skills and much more )
• Assistance to students in organising work experience which is available to Year 10/11 students. ( Mandatory student placement forms must be completed and returned to the Careers Advisor before school approval may be given)
• Alternate study patterns to best assist students who are in the process of transitioning from school to world of work/TAFE/training
• Information and assistance in establishing school based traineeships and apprenticeships (SBAT)
• TVET information for students who wish to pursue a TAFE course as part of their Senior Pattern of study
• Preparation for the world of work, career planning, selecting appropriate post school options
• Information about Scholarships for university
• Information about Private Colleges/TAFE including courses, fees, applications, procedures and scholarships
• Information about obtaining traineeships and apprenticeships
• Referrals to Group Training Companies for fulltime employment/training
• Individual career planning interviews with Year 12 students
• Time to discuss future options for students with their parents/families (Please contact the Careers Office to make an appointment – 8784 6024)
• Justice of the Peace Service for the School Community (Please contact the Careers Office to make an appointment – 8784 6024)


Year 12 is a busy time for students as they study for the Higher School Certificate and make plans for life after school. 

HSC support
A range of online resources is available to help students and parents understand the HSC and prepare for assessment and examinations.
• HSC online and HSC how it works are useful websites for parents and students.
• Year 12 students can set up their personal profile on NSW students online and access support materials including the HSC exam timetable and answers to frequently asked questions about the HSC.
• Students can prepare for the final exams by looking at past HSC exam papers.
• See NSW HSC online for parents for translated information.

Balancing commitments
This year it's more important than ever for students to balance commitments between their school, social and family life.
After Year 12
It's a good idea for your child to start thinking about careers that suit their interests and abilities as early as possible. You may like to talk with the careers adviser and research options together.

Resources, such as the following sites are readily available:
next:life after school magazine
HSC online careers
Careers Advisory Service

Future study and training options
For students considering continuing with study, visiting the following links can help them make an informed decision:
Leaving school
Year 12 - what next?
Going to uni
Training and industry
Apprenticeships and traineeships
Going to careers markets and open days are also good ways to find out what's on offer.

Job searching
These websites list job vacancies and apprenticeship and traineeships opportunities:
NSW government jobs
Australian JobSearch