St Johns Park High School
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Special Education

The Special Education Faculty is a well-established facility for students with Intellectually Mild, Intellectually Moderate and Sensory Disabilities such as Autism. This facility caters for the individual needs of students by adhering to differences in their levels of education, levels of ability and skills in general.

The Special Education Faculty is equipped with four specialist teachers and six Student Learning Support Officers. Within their capabilities, the staff within the faculty work with the students in both a group dynamic and on a one on one level.

We offer skills training in:

  • Travel Training
  • Community Access
  • Communicative development in expressive and receptive abilities
  • Literacy development
  • Numeracy development
  • Technological development
  • Social development
  • Work Experience

The faculty currently consists of 2 junior and senior (mixed) classes that cater to the needs of students with an Intellectually Moderate Disability. One junior (Years 7-8) class which caters to the individual needs of students with an Intellectually Mild Disability. Finally, we also have a senior class known as the ‘Big Picture’ class, which is an established individualised learning space that helps the students approach their learning in a more versatile, rewarding and individually enriching manner. The Big Picture class offers the students a learning space that is controlled by the students. This learning space is, however, geared at enriching the resilience and work ethic within the student and leading them on to a successful post-school pathway.