St Johns Park High School
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Max Potential


Students from St Johns Park High School have been actively involved in the Max Potential program since 2010, working in partnership with St Johns Park Bowling Club. Max Potential is a personal leadership development program, in which everyone achieves different outcomes.

Successful completion of Max Potential qualifies all young adult participants to a Certificate 1 in Active Volunteering. Certificate I in Active Volunteering is a nationally accredited qualification from the Community Services Training Package CHC08 designed especially for volunteers in their community service in Max Potential. The qualification is designed for Max Potential young adults to have recognised their new or updated current skills, run their community service project effectively and gain a qualification that provides a pathway to other vocational qualifications and improve their employability skills.

The Max Potential program matches students with an adult mentor from the business or social community and culminates in a showcase of each student's work. At the showcase each student displays, in creative and interactive ways, the growth journey they went through, including their community service projects. 

Participants agree that they achieve personal growth beyond their expectations including increased confidence, overcoming anxiety, time management and personal empowerment.

The Max Potential program offers 22 weeks of personal leadership development, including individual coaching, to young leaders from schools and the community to help them maximise their potential.

Max Potential draws on leaders within the community, business, industry, schools and churches, as coaches, equipping them with progressive coaching skills and tools that enable them to form a partnership whereby they can pass on their experience and leadership competencies to the young adult leaders. Coaches and participants discover their ability to lead their own lives effectively, to lead others in a team, and to make a difference in their community.