St Johns Park High School
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The HOUSE system, at St Johns Park High School, is made up of 4 individual Houses, each named after 4 of the stars of the Southern Cross – Alpha (Black House), Beta (Red House), Gamma (Yellow House) and Epsilon (Green House). Every student in the school is placed in one of these four houses. The HOUSE Team is run by and administered by a volunteer based leadership team, comprising carefully selected students and a handful of passionate staff who together work tirelessly outside of class time to promote positive school spirit through a creative range of fun and colourful activities and events.

Everyone is good at something. HOUSE aims to help students find their special ‘something’ by offering them with opportunities to shine in a wide range of school based activities and events throughout the year, regardless of their academic or sporting abilities. Vivo merit points are awarded to all students in the school for participation and achievement in these extra-curricular HOUSE run events. They are also awarded Vivos for achievement, effort and good behaviour in the classroom and for participation and achievement in both the swimming and athletics carnivals.