St Johns Park High School
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High Resolves


Students at St Johns Park High School have been involved in the High Resolves programs since 2010. High Resolves are highly successful programs which provide students in Years 8 -10 with the motivation, skills and confidence they need to begin to tackle the many complex challenges they face, both in their lives today and as the leaders of tomorrow. 

This is achieved through the following innovative programs:

Year 8: Global Citizenship Program

Year 9: Global Leadership Program
Year 10: Advanced Global Leadership Program

The programs are delivered through large group workshops, interactive simulations, leadership skills training, student summits and hands on social action projects to make a positive impact in schools and communities.
High Resolves provides students with the motivation, capability and confidence to be purposeful global citizens and leaders.


The programs help students realise that they have a personal role to play in how we develop as a global society and that the choices they make in life will make a difference.This is encapsulated in the motto: our world, our choice.