St Johns Park High School
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Years 11 and 12 Curriculum

Leading to the Award of the Higher School Certificate

St Johns Park High School offers its students three pathways to complete the Higher School Certificate. English a compulsory and all pathways satisfy the requirements for the award of a Higher School Certificate.

Pathways 1 – Leading to ATAR
This pathway is specifically designed for students wishing to qualify for tertiary entrance. Students must select a pattern of subjects that meet the Board of Studies requirements from a range of over 50 Board-developed and endorsed courses on offer. This pathways entitles students to receive an  ATAR – Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank

Pathways 2 – Non ATAR
This pathway results in the award of a HSC without an ATAR, where students may wish to undertake further studies at TAFE or through other providers, or enter the workforce upon completion of their HSC. Students studying this pathway would generally be attempting two or more vocational education framework courses.

Pathways 3 – Life Skills HSC
Students who may have been educated in the special education unit through years 7 to 10 can now gain a specially designed HSC comprising courses that are appropriate to their future needs.

Apart from students repeating Year 12, only full time students will be accepted into the Senior School.