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Year 9 Elective Selection

Year 8 students are able to choose TWO elective subjects to study in Year 9. Students are issued with an Elective Subject Handbook during Week 8 of Term 3 and are counselled on the elective subject selection process. It is recommended that students consult parents and teachers about their intended elective subject choices. During the following week, students will log on to the school website, with an individualised student code to make their elective subject selection. If you do not have a login code, please speak to Head Teacher Admin - Mrs Mutschall during school hours.


Opening Hours

The 2018 subject selection page will be open between 4pm on Monday the 4th of September until 8am on Friday the 8th of September. You must printed your subject selection page and submit to the office anytime between this period.

Subject Selection Booklet
Please click to access Year 9 2018 Elective Subject Selection Information booklet

Subject Selection Website Link
Please click on the link to proceed with completing your 2018 Subject Selection