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Year 8 Elective Selection

Year 7 students are able to choose ONE elective subject to study in Year 8. Students are issued with an Elective Subject Handbook during Week 8 of Term 3 and are counselled on the elective subject selection process. It is recommended that students consult parents and teachers about their intended elective subject choices. During Week 2 of Term 4, students will log on to the school website, with an individualised student code to make their elective subject selection.

The Year 8 Elective Subject Handbook which contains details about each elective subject and the subject selection process is uploaded to the school’s website from Week 8 of Term 3.


The 2017 subject selection page will be open between October 18th 11th 4:00pm until October 21st 8:00am. You must complete your subject selection anytime between this period.

If you do not have a login code, please speak to Head Teacher Admin - Mrs Mutschall during school hours.


Please click on the link below to proceed with completing your 2017 Elective Subject Sections.
2017 Subject Selection

Please click to access Year 8 2017 Elective Subject Selection Information booklet