St Johns Park High School
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St Johns Park High offers a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that caters for all ability levels and a wide range of interests. Key features of our curriculum are:

There is an emphasis in all subjects on developing competence in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy.

Quality teaching and learning (QTL) principles are incorporated in all teaching programs.

There is an attempt to make all coursework as interesting and relevant as possible.

Where appropriate, more than one course is offered in each subject, to ensure that work is pitched at student’s ability levels.

Sport is an integral part of the curriculum for Years 7 to 11.

YEARS 7 & 8 – Stage 4

Students study a core of subjects from all key learning areas, with some minor variations in Year 8.

A timetabled literacy program is undertaken by all students. 


The curriculum consists of all compulsory subjects namely: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, a specific Language, Technology, Music, Visual Arts and PDHPE. 


The curriculum consists of compulsory subjects namely: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Technology, Visual Arts, ICT and PDHPE. Students can choose one elective from a broad range subjects. 

YEARS 9 & 10 – Stage 5

In this stage, students study a combination of core and elective subjects for the award of School Certificate.

There is a core of English, Mathematics, Science, PDHPE and Australian History, Geography and Civics.

Students select two electives from a range of courses that includes Languages, the Visual and Performing Arts, Technological and Applied Studies, Humanities and PDHPE.

Both Years 9&10 undertake a compulsory careers program - School to Work. Extensive counselling prior to entering Years 11 & 12 occurs. 

YEARS 11 AND 12 – Stage 6

Apart from compulsory English (Standard, Advanced or ESL) students can select from a very comprehensive range of Board Endorsed and Dual Accredited Vocational Education courses to satisfy the requirements for the award of a Higher School Certificate.

A study program can be developed which allows students to:

  • obtain HSC and an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank(ATAR); or
  • achieve HSC without an ATAR; or
  • obtain a Life Skills HSC for students with special needs.

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