St Johns Park High School
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Know First Yourself

Career Planning

Career Assessment Sites


The Job Search website: and click on Career Quiz. (Free)


My Future:        Australia’s Career Information and Exploration Service that offers a suite of services, including a free careers assessment in the My Guide section.


South Western Sydney Institute: (to replace My future website 2015 onwards)



Click on ‘Need Direction?’ for a quick quiz that leads to selected career videos.


Schools also have a range of career assessments that varies depending on the school but may include:


Other Useful Sites

The job guide

Career Bullseye


Useful Apps (apple and android)

  • Career hunter (apple)
  • Hidden jobs: For Job hunting (apple)
  • Visualise me: For re-vamping your resume (both)
  • Interview prep questions (apple)
  • IPQ career planner: 52-question assessment test to zero in on your strengths and weaknesses (apple)
  • Time recording: timesheet app to track your hours (android)
  • ElephantBites: helps you take that overwhelming project and break it down into small actionable bites. (apple)