St Johns Park High School
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Welcome to St Johns Park High School

St Johns Park High School was founded in 1978. It is a large comprehensive coeducational high school in South Western Sydney. It is a member of the Fairfield network of schools.

The student population is culturally and linguistically diverse with more than 90% of students from non-English speaking backgrounds whose families come from more than 60 different homelands. Students speak more than forty-one different languages, with the predominant language backgrounds of: Vietnamese (31.4%), English (10%), Cantonese and Assyrian (8% each). 1% of enrolled students are Aboriginal.

The school has an established reputation as a provider of quality educational services for a diverse community. Indeed the school is one of the most successful schools in NSW in terms of value adding for students. St Johns Park High School serves a low socio economic community and has an ICSEA value of 944 and a FOEI of 196.

The staff profile is also characterised by its diversity of experience and cultural background.

The school offers special programs for culturally and linguistically diverse students, students with learning difficulties and gifted and talented students. Educational opportunities are enhanced by extracurricular programs. Student leadership is explicitly developed through a range of other tailored options. Individualised learning is provided through personal learning plans.

Student wellbeing is central to the schools success. This is supported by comprehensive and effective policies, personalised approaches to learning, close attention to individual and small group needs, as well as the needs of the school as a whole. The school provides a safe and supportive environment where students can flourish.



CRICOS Provider Name: NSW Department of Education

CRICOS Provider Code: 00588M

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